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Weight Management’s Counserling

Get off the frustrating roller coaster of endless diets and “cleanses” only to regain the weight that you worked so hard to lose. Our experienced and compassionate dietitians will guide you on how to not only lose excess weight permanently but to live with health, strength, vitality and respect for your body.

Each customer is assigned to a weight management expert for exclusivity. A full body fat analysis is done to identify the type of problems faced by each individual. Then, each program will be designed based on her weight problem, lifestyle requirements and eating pattern to help her reach her ideal weight effectively*.


Each program is unique as it is customized to the type of problem faced by each individual. All slimming sessions do not involve pills, surgery, crash diets or heavy exercises.

Lose those excess weights by toxin & water retention management, followed by deep fat burning process.

Our weight management experts will keep a close watch on each customer’s progress and development to help them achieve dream goals in the shortest time possible*.

At Prinz Medical Clinic, result is all. Therefore, we are proud to have helped thousands of women achieve their dream figure and weight*.

Our weight management experts have undergone extensive training to bring the best results in your weight management program. Sit back and relax, because you’re in good hands.


What Should I Expect?

With our programme you will be provided with:

  • Measurement of weight and body fat percentage
  • Calculation of calorie and protein needs
  • Sample menu tailored to your preferences
  • Evaluation of vitamins and other supplements that you may be using (if any)
  • Easy recipe and menu ideas
  • Assistance with creating short and long-term goals including a realistic ideal weight
  • Assistance with use of food apps or other online tracking tools
  • Assistance with creating an exercise regimen