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This treatment involves a vampire to suck your dirty blood out of your skin. Ok just kidding. The name is Vampire Facial Treatment because we will extract a small amount of blood from your arms. We spin the blood to isolate the plasma and remove the red blood cells

The plasma is rich in platelet and activates the multi-potent stem cells to increase the production of collagen, fatty tissue and new blood vessels. Fatty tissue helps to restore smoothness whilst new blood vessels will give your skin a healthy glow that admired by many.

The procedure involved in Vampire Facial :-

  • Our beauty specialist will extract 2 teaspoons of blood from your arms.
  • Centrifuge is used to separate the blood’s plasma (also known as PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma) within 10 minutes.
  • Extracted platelet will be activated to release 8 growth factors which are usually help in recovering injured tissue.
  • We will use numbing cream and a very small needles to inject the “magic liquid” aka PRP back into your face to promote collagen production as well as increase blood circulation. Do not worry as the whole process is almost painless.
Information! Vampire facial is highly recommended if you are looking for anti-ageing treatment. Within 2 to 3 months you will notice the improvement of your skin.


Prinz Vampire Facial 1 Hour 30 mins for only RM1588/session