The pure dermal solution for your Inner Beauty Sense Revitalising Spiky Confidence

Non-invasive Skin Perfecting Procedure Instant and Cumulative results guaranteed!

A potent but gentle 30 minute treatment, Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Treatment requires absolutely no down time and is one of the few procedures in which skin shows immediate and noticeable improvement in volume, hydration, tone and texture.

This patented technology is excellent for both light and dark skin, with virtually no restrictions on treating any area of the body!

This treatment exfoliates the damaged top layer while simultaneously infusing condition specific and Anti-Aging Serum deep into the skin.

Four features of SilkPeel that work together To achieve deep dermalinfusion

1) SilkPeel is the only treatment that uses real diamonds in its patented handpiece.

2)Diamond tip exfoliation delivers the ultimate skin-refining experience.

3) Uniform, even and precise exfoliation

4) Dry, damaged top layer of skin is cleared

1) Specialized Pro-Infusion Solutions are delivered to the base of the pores and the epidermis to address dark spots, acne, signs of aging, stretch marks, cellulite and dry skin

2) Patented vacuum system ensures fluid is infused into skin, rather than merely sitting on top of skin

1) Vacuum pressure flushes pores with condition-specific Pro-Infusion Solutions

2) Removing dirt and debris

1) All skin treated with SilkPeel has 70% more volume – resulting in plumped, smooth skin – for up to 72 hours after the procedure

PRO-INFUSION SOLUTIONS Your skin care provider will recommend a Pro-Infusion Solution, or combination of Solutions, for your specific skin condition(s). All Pro-Infusion Solutions were developed specifically for use with SilkPeel Dermalinfusion.

features the revolutionary Lumixyl Peptide, which is non-toxic and instantly brightens skin while significantly improving uneven pigmentation, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and melasma.


delivers Salicylic Acid and a botanical complex containing Bakuchiol and Bisabolol to promote clear skin.

This formula addresses the major causes of acne – bacterial infection, clogged pores, and excess oil production – while soothing redness and swelling and fighting post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

uses Hyaluronic Acid to re-hydrate chronically dehydrated skin – moisturizes, plumps skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

helps corrects the effects of environmental damage by revitalizing dull, tired skin. Skin is brightened immediately and targeted ingredients help ward off long-term UV damage.


Silkpeel Dermalinfusion (5+1) : RM388x5 = RM1940 ONLY